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Welcome to our Blog page we love to keep you up to date with what we've all been up to so read Kiki's Barks to see what i've been up to lately and Kitten's Mews to see what my Kitten friends have been doing.

Blogs - Kiki's Barks

Kiki's Blog - Winter 2012

Hi Everyone, Phew what a summer we've had here at PetPal I'm thoroughly exhausted!!! April saw the launch of KocoKookie Kreations at our first ever stall over at the 'About a Dog Day' at Ipswich Showground. ...

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Kiki's Blog - Spring 2012

Hi There, I'm really thrilled to be telling you about everything that's been going on since my last blog.

We have lots of changes to the website, including lots of new KocoKookie Kreations (you can see them on the website) and two new pages Kimi's Kitchen and Konnor's Corner.

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Kiki's Blog - December 2011

Hi there, it's me again from the front page, I'm really excited to be bringing you the first ever blog on this site (I hope I got there before the kittens) my blog will be called Kiki's Barks-

Well firstly Id better start by introducing my little sister Kimiko, she has a very posh Japanese name meaning Daughter of the Empress - That was my mum!! AND then to add to that last Saturday, my owner (she thinks she's my mum) went and got another new puppy called Konnor, he's my cousin and Kimi's half brother - 9 weeks and a real pest!

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Jamie's Winter Cat Chat - 2012

Hey! Jamie-Lee here back for my Cat Chat !!!

Hope you like the photo it's my favourite one from the summer as I always like to play hide and seek in the garden ! So far i'm not too keen on winter weather as it's too cold to play in the Garden - we've been out a bit but it's much nicer snuggling up on the big bed or our beanbag !! ...

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Oscar's Blog - Spring 2012

Hey! Oscar here, I've taken over for the Spring Blog !!!

Crazy Jamie is busy helping Kiki, Kimi and Konnor prepare for the All About Dogs Day with our owner so i've taken over! I'm sure Kiki has told you all about it in Kiki's Barks or you can read all about it on our new PAWrum section!

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Jamie-Lee's Blog - Winter 2012

Woo hoo .... it's time for our first ever blog !!!

Firstly let me introduce myself, i'm Jamie-Lee and this will be the 'Kitten's Mews' Blog.

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